Theater of

Solitude in Solidarity


Disguised as a homeless person, he would sleep for five to ten days a year under bridges and viaducts, in the doorways of churches and in the streets of large urban centers in order to understand how socially at-risk men, women, and children survived.

Over the course of a decade of research, the director observed the violence of the streets, and together with government agencies, private initiatives, and NGOs, he created strategies that could help minimize the social exclusion of this population.

In order to create the method,  Ivan Antonio immersed himself in the world of Brazilian social exclusion for ten years.


Through the Theater of Solitude in Solidarity, Ivan Antonio offers an investigation into the human soul and seeks a better comprehension of the loneliness of men and women from different social classes, not just those who suffer from social exclusion. In teaching workshops for businesspeople, lawyers, psychologists, doctors, police officers, students and artists, he noticed that loneliness presents itself in contemporary society as the evil of our times, that can only be gought by joining with others. Once a year, Ivan Antonio produces a show whose cast is formed by students from the most diverse segments of society, and through the interaction of executives with homeless people, police officers, ex-convicts, children of executives, street children, lawyers, doctors, professors and students liberal professionals and artists, bonds of solidarity are formed, as well as suggestions for solutions to the problems of social exclusion and loneliness. Ivan has given lectures and taught workshops in various countries in Europe and Latin America, and in the United States.