Ivan Antonio

memory and gratitude

This page is dedicated to cherished friends, artists, groups and cities I have known in various parts of the world, and to all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to the construction of the Theater of Solidarity in Solitude, and have made me believe in my dream of being an artist and citizen in the service of the world.





In 1990, I released the second edition of my first book "Eu, sonhador" in the International Biennial of Books in São Paulo. At that time I met Paulo Coelho; he gave me his book "The Alchemist" and I offered him "Eu, sonhador". We spoke at length about our careers.  I asked him his formula for success and he told me: "To believe, Ivan! Some will think that your theater is a madman's thing that won't take you anywhere, but keep believing in it as if it were your own life, that's how I believe in my own literature. I don't know very well where it's going but I'll keep believing in it."  I met Paulo Coelho once again in France.  He was already the most widely read author in the world and treated me with the same humility, and asked me how my theater was going. I relied that I was continuing to believe in it and was going to Lyon to teach workshops in the Theater of Solidarity in Solitude. He gave me a hug and we took leave of each other. It's been a while that I haven't seen him. Today I travel the world teaching workshops and reciting poetry here and tehre.... I continue to believe, continue to dream, and continue to go forward.... Gratitude to you, dear Paulo Coelho, I'll always remember you; gratitude to so many Paulos who are anonymous friends, from past and recent times; gratitude to you who are reading these texts now -- for sure my wings have a little piece of you in them, and I'm eternally grateful for that.