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Camaçari resident Ivanildo Antonio takes on the organization of "Brazil Week" in Nova York

Ivanildo Antônio was accompanied by singer Lucy Alves

(The Voice) and singer Del Feliz

Camaçari resident Ivanildo Antônio, joined the organizers of Brazil Week in New York

reproduced from, 09/24/2014

From Camaçari to the world... Ivanildo Antônio is a poet, composer and filmmaker from Camaçari, Bahia, in addition to being ex-minister of Culture and International Relations of the municipality. He joined the organization team of Brazil Week in New York, an event that took place over the last week of the month of August. According to the organizers, the event contributed to the promotion of "the country's image" in the United States, "through the promotion of Brazilian culture, tourism, and business."

"It's an honor for me to have been selected to join the organizing team of such an important event in the United States, that is attended not only by the American community but by people from all over the world who are curious to experience Brazilian culture," Ivanildo said.  He was one of the people responsible for curating the Brazilian artists and cultural groups, including those from Camaçari, who thereby get the chance to make their work known through other similarly prominent events: "I will be able to make a contribution to our city, by recommending artists and groups from Camaçari. Once again I'll be able to have a hand in the international promotion of our artists," said Ivanildo, visibly pleased.

Shows by Brazilian artists, a film screening, book signings, visual arts exhibits, Expo-Brasil, and the famous Lavagem da Rua 46, were part of the program of Brazil Week in New York. The events took place in different parts of the city, such as HSA Gallery, BB King Blues, The Calton, and Sound Brazil.

"This year I was invited along with singer Lucy Alves (The Voice) to participate in a show with singer Del Feliz. It was a marvelous show, and the following day, Del, who is one of the coordinators of the event, introduced me to Silvana Magda, mastermind and general coordinator of the event.  do evento. I was impressed by Silvana's strength and organizational abilities, not only in the United States, but in various other countries. Her vision about show business is incredible. When she invited me to join the organizing team I was very moved," he reveals.

Ivanildo Antônio also spoke of his gratitude towards composer and singer Del Feliz "for having recommended me". In the 2015 edition of Brazil Week there will be an International Encounter of Mayors, with the participation of mayors from the United States, Europe, and Latin America. In addition to artistic curating, Del Feliz and Ivanildo Antônio are responsible for recommending Brazilian mayors to participate in this event.

Ivanildo said that he was responsible for representing mayor Ademar Delgado (PT), who was unable to travel due to an "incompatibility" with his schedule. In addition to his poetry and music, Ivanildo brought along books, newspapers and magazines with articles about cultural groups and artists from Camaçari and the Cidade do Saber (Instituto Raimundo Pinheiro).

This, according to the coordinator from Camaçari, "was fundamental for Camaçari, along with Salvador, being honored in next year's event," said Ivan, as he is also known. He added: "Aside from the presence of the mayor [Ademar], some of our artists will certainly particpate in Brazil Week".

Artists who have participated in Brazil Week in the past include Carlinhos Brown, Margareth Menezes, and Armandinho.